Part 1 – MEAN Application Overview And Installation

Mean Application Overview And Installation

In this tutorial, we will see Mean Application Overview And Installation process.

Check out the Demo on MEAN Stack Application-BookStore .

Download Bookstore MEAN Application.


At the first, we will see an overview of an application containing various options such as:


App Features

  1. View All Books.
  2. Add New Book.
  3. Edit Existing Book.
  4. Delete Existing Book.


1: View All Books

On the main page, it will display all the books at once from the database i.e MongoDB. we will be binding data through AngularJS using its directives and for the UI we will be using Bootstrap

Overview And Installation

2: Add New Book

In our application, we will create a form to insert book details with the suitable data into the database.

Overview And Installation

3: Edit Existing Book

In our application, we will create an another form to update the data which is already stored in the database as it makes easy to update data because we don’t have to re-enter the data. The stored data will preload in the form.

Overview And Installation

4: Delete Existing Book

There will be an another form from which we will delete the product i.e Book Details from the database.

Overview And Installation

Get Started With Installation

As we are building the MEAN application, therefore, we need the 2 software i.e MongoDB and NodeJs and the other 2 are the Script file i.e. AngularJS and ExpressJS



MongoDB is a documented oriented database, with high performance and easy scalability, it works well with programming languages and reduces the need for JOINS.
Set Up MongoDB – See how to start the database connection
Download MongoDB – Windows
Download MongoDB – Linux
Download MongoDB – MAC


It is a platform built on Chrome’s javascript runtime. It is used for server side scripting and uses JavaScript. This allows you to code server scripts in pure JavaScript. It is event driven and has a non-blocking i/o model.
Download NodeJS – Windows
Download NodeJS – MAC


It is Fast, un-opinionated, a minimalist web framework for Node.js. It helps organize you web-application into an MVC model architecture. We will use Express to build REST APIs.


AngularJs is a JavaScript framework for building modern dynamic web-application. It is typically a SPA framework and adds value to HTML. Its Two-way data binding and dependency-injection eliminate much of the code you would have to write otherwise.

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